ONE Industries Bike

Mountain biking Mt. Laguna and Noble Canyon with One Industries

Woke up early and headed out toward Mt Laguna to shoot some photos of the ONE mountain bike team with my bud Ryan Kates. When I met up with Ryan he had a huge breakfast burrito waiting for me. I knew this was going to be both a good day, because let’s face it any day that starts with a free breakfast burrito is pretty darn great, and also a long day . ONE shoots are always full days that usually end with a motorhome breaking down in the dark. I had a feeling this burrito was meant to keep my strength up.  Anyways, at about the same time I finished my burrito we met up with the rest of the ONE marketing team and a hodge podge of team riders who had all congregated at local team rider Bubba’s house in Alpine.

We talked routes, got everybody on the same page and then set out to shoot. Our first stop was a bit of cross country riding and group modeling shots though the dry river beds. We nailed the shots before lunch and decided it was time to move on to the next location. Of course the athletes being bike nerds had to pump their legs a bit and finish the loop we had started out on. I had a bike with me so I figured I may as well join them. So while the rest of the team headed back to the vans for lunch I followed a bunch of professional mountain bikers on $10,000 bikes around a flat trail at a pace that I thought was going to cause a heart attach. That burrito was not sitting so well.


After getting smoked by the athletes, I made it back to the car just in time to grab a quick sandwiches as we moved over to the noble canyon trail. Being a local San Diegian I have wanted to check out this legendary trail for a while. The trail starts near top of Mt. Laguna in pine trees, then winds down through oak covered canyons and finally ends in rock garden surrounded by sage and cactus. It was a pretty epic downhill and we were able to get a lot of different shots for one location. The way the boys rode the bottom rock section was pretty friggin impressive as well. Tons of speed; even more control.

I rode out onto the bottom trail head just after sunset to find half the team smashing beers and talking about how lame motorcross is. The other have of the team was still making their way down the trail. About an hour later the rest of the team popped out of the bushes, we did a few van shuttles to everybodies car and the shoot was a wrap.

The day ended up being a blast. Everybody got photos. The marketing department at ONE and the internal sales team were stoked off the new content. I got a burrito.

Client: One Industries